Darren Jones

When worlds collide

Last Sunday (20th July), we had 90+ Ministries leading the service at Matheson church.

It was the culmination of two months of outreach activity to the local youth.

Somewhere around 25 children and teenagers came along to the service. Two groups of people had their eyes opened. First, the youngsters finally saw the rest of the church at a service on a Sunday. That was a first because although they come week after week to the mid-week activities they had not previously been part of a Sunday service.

The second group to have their eyes opened was the church itself. For some, it seemed as if they were being confronted by the reality of the community in which the church is located for the first time ever – and it was an uncomfortable experience.

The community (all of it, all ages) need Jesus. No financial injection, social reform or education programme will do the job. They need to know Jesus. That means the church has to find sincere and effective means of going and telling – not waiting for them to get good enough to come.