Darren Jones

Two places at once?

At a family service at church recently I asked everyone what super-power they’d like to have, e.g. flight, strength, etc.

Some of the older people said they’d like the “power” to remember things or to be able to get up the stairs easily!

Someone said they’d like to be able to be in two places at once. My brain nearly popped at the thought. Would you be simultaneously aware of the surroundings of both, as if somehow one “mind” or “person” occupied two bodies? Or would you need to “sync” the two later on? Would it be permanent, or something you could turn off and on?

It made me think of God, simultaneously hearing the prayers of people all over the world – of him actually paying attention to every one. And how he does that as he sees every new creature born, every drop of rain land, and every galaxy continue its motion.

God’s attention – his focus – on you and me is astounding. He graciously turns his divine power towards his people.